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Категория: Винные Производители и погребов
Район: Тбилиси
Адрес: Тбилиси. Площадь Свободы. 4
Телефон: 293 62 43, 292 36 75
Веб-сайт: http://www.badagoni.com


Badagoni Wine Company was founded in 2006 in Georgia’s principal winegrowing region – Kakheti, namely village Zemo Khodasheni. Throughout its existence, the company enjoyed outstanding success with the range of site-specific local brands that are amongst the best of Georgia. At Badagoni we believe that the magic of the fertile land of “the garden province of Kakheti” as Alexander Dumas, famous French writer used to call it, coupled with free winemaking technique is a dazzling combination.

Traditional Georgian grape varieties are little known in the West. Consequently, our goal is to create beautifully balanced wines that reveal the nuances of our proud heritage and the company’s forward thinking philosophy. Georgian wines, like any good ones in the world, have their own stories to tell and it is our greatest ambition to be able to translate them into a language that will be comprehensible to the wine lovers around the world.

The willingness to innovate and experiment has been a hallmark of the Badagoni Wine Company since it introduced the first wines in the beginning of the millennium. Later, huge investments were made to expand the company and develop it toward its new vision. Today, it is the biggest and most respected companies not only in Georgia but in the whole Caucasus region with such iconic wine brands under its belt as Tsinandali, Mukuzani, Saperavi, Kindzmarauli, Akhasheni, and more. Focus on excellence led us to collaborate with some of the world’s most advanced winemakers and laboratories such as Donato Lanati and his renowned Enosis, which continuously offers the support, needed to accelerate Badagoni’s quality goals. This collaboration also helped to produce an enticing Kakhetian Noble wines, white and red, with Mr. Lanati’s direct involvement. The wines of Badagoni were awarded several medals and honorable diplomas at various national and international competitions.

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